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Welcome to Mockingbird Trail!

A place to walk, bike, and enjoy nature in the City.

Mockingbird Trail will transform the urban walking experience for Fort Lauderdale’s downtown neighborhood into an 8-mile urban trail route and linear park destination. Mockingbird Trail is the solution the County, City, and our Neighborhood Associations have spent decades studying and communicating their needs for. The Trail provides Fort Lauderdale citizens and visitors with safe, equitable access to parks, cultural centers, businesses, and educational institutions. 

Inspired by grass-roots community endeavors of local residents, artists, and businesses located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Trail is the answer to improving the lives of those who have invested to live and work and play in the City. The Trail has evolved, since its inception, into a multi-neighborhood connector. The Trail knits together various neighborhoods – respecting the needs and identity of each, while physically connecting fourteen neighborhoods that lack safe pedestrian connections to the public and cultural offerings. The original Trail concept, rooted in public engagement, site-specific public art installations, and exploration of our City still remains. This expanded vision of Mockingbird Trail will connect us all; creating a safer, stronger Fort Lauderdale. 

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